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Introduction to WebCT 6
WebCT 6 is a powerful tool for teaching and learning. If this is your first semester using WebCT 6, you might want to view a Mediasite Presentation showing some of the differences between WebCT 4 and 6.

FIRST TASKS: Until the drop/add deadline passes, we will continue to add students to your WebCT container automatically. However, if you want to add students sooner or need to delete students from WebCT, here are the steps: enrolling and unenrolling students. You can also allow/deny students access by following these steps.

FILE MANAGEMENT: WebCT has a filing system under Build Tab > File Manager. Here you will find My Files which can be accessed from all your courses, section files and public files. You can create folders and upload files. You can even zip all your files and upload them as a group.

COURSES DISPLAYED: In WebCT 6 you can determine which of your courses you see and the order in which they appear. When you "hide" a course it is only hidden from yourself. It is very easy to "show" a course that has been hidden. Many instructors like to re-order their list of courses so the current ones are at the top. To customize your list WebCT course containers view the Rearranging Courses video and How to Hide/Show Courses video.

WebCT 6 supports many file types including Word, html, pdf and PowerPoint. However, students may have problems opening Word files off campus if they do not have the same version of Microsoft Word installed on their computer. HTML (Web pages) files are ideal for WebCT and are easy to create using FrontPage, Dreamweaver or WebCT 6's own HTML editor. Adobe Acrobat files (pdf) open beautifully in WebCT and are easy to save and print. Our TRC (Kellogg 2414) has Adobe Acrobat Pro which will allow you to convert office documents to pdf format with just one click.

APPEARANCE: WebCT 6 allows you as a designer to customize many aspects of your container's appearance. You can choose from different styles of icons, you can add headers, modify layout and select colors.

INSPIRATION: WebCT can be a powerful learning tool. Every year WebCT 6 spotlights Exemplary Course Projects. Visit the archive and explore some of these outstanding courses. Even courses in other curriculum areas can give you great ideas! See how Alleghany College instructors use WebCT 6 tools to meet course objectives.

Explore WebCT Tools for Learning

toolboxNow that you know how to navigate in WebCT 6, it is time to explore the amazing tools for teaching with WebCT 6. For each tool you will learn why you should use it including ways other instructors have successfully used it. Then you will learn how to use it. We have created tutorials for some tools and also linked to step-by-step tutorials created by other universities.